I’m Khamani.  Most people call me 'Kham.' I am the creative designer and operational brain behind LIK  Group of Companies, formerly known as LivingInKham.

 I'm a black creative residing on the Island of Bermuda. I'm a lot of things to many people, including Mom to my son and babe to my fiance. I have a BSN in Nursing but a deep love for all things photoshoots, style and sustainability.


I am passionate about creating luxury photoshoot experiences, teaching women about the benefits investing in their personal style and promoting sustainable fashion practices. My favorite colors are fuschia, turquoise, black and green; you probably already know this by looking at my website. 

I initially created LivingInKham as a platform to empower girls through teaching them how to embrace and take care of their natural hair using the products that were available in Bermuda. As my audience grew, so did my desire to produce high-quality content. Although, I’ve always been photogenic and enjoyed being in front of a camera, I was frequently overlooked for modeling opportunities because of my height and body structure.


Not having those chances to be a part of the local model industry made it hard for me to get and deliver the magazine like quality images I was attracted to. Instead of giving up on creating eye-catching content, I researched how to best photograph myself and edit my images on a limited budget. I started doing mini-photoshoots of myself on Sunday nights and posting the content regularly throughout the week to my Instagram.


After some time, my social media began to get more and more attention. From that point onward, I realized I was good at what I was doing and could turn my passion into a business by way of modeling, creative direction and or through coordinating services.  

That's enough about me! I want to get to know you. Register for the LivingInKham mailing list so we can become bffs.

Love Always,

Kham xoxo

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