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Giving you, The Girl Boss,  solutions that allow you to take back your time  while ensuring  you look and feel your best!


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Are you ready to be the most sought after girl boss?  Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to rule the world and look effortless while doing it? Ever wonder how these Instagram #girlbosses look great all the time? Do you find yourself asking, "How can I get those Pinterest like images for my profile?" Are you tired of doing everything yourself? If you answered "Yes," I can help.

Unless of course, you'd rather keep wasting your time and hard earned money!

How to start the journey?


Pick my Brain

Have a question? Need some quick styling advice? Not sure what photographer to pick? 

No, problem! Let's book a pick my brain session. You'll have my undivided attention for 1 hour.

The Experience

Want to do a photoshoot? Need help developing a concept? Did you pick the right photographer? What about the location? 

Or was that first photoshoot a flop and you need a redo?

Let me coordinate everything! You focus on being beautiful for the camera.

The Collective

Are you struggling to find the perfect outfit? Are you too busy to figure out what to wear? Love the outfit but not the price tag? Or is it your closet that needs the makeover? Don't stress, I'll get you dressed! You'll be showing up and commanding respect like the boss you are! 

Launching Soon

The Label

Look for premium branded LIK products that match our superior services? Look no further. We got you with LIK The label. The  products you want backed with the LIK quality guarantee.

Launching Soon

She's #livinginkham


Hey Girl, here's some #girlbosses I've worked with! 


Meet the beauty behind #livinginkham 

Hey there! My name is Khamani. But you can call me Kham. I work with go-getters and #girlbosses like you, who are ready to show up and show out!

Khamani Fox

 Founder of LivingInKham

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